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 Rules Of MapleStar

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PostSubject: Rules Of MapleStar   Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:17 pm

English Rules

General (ADM, Developer, SuperGM, GM)
1 .- Do not insult any user, all deserve respect.
2 .- Every one must ensure that rules are followed.
3 .- Do not give away items, ecepto events, acanthus the rules of the ADM.
4 .- No spamming of any kind

ADM rules:
1 .- ADM GM to dismiss any of his office, will have good reasons for doing so.
2 .- Report if it will make changes to the server.

Rules Developer:
1 .- Same GMs task of organizing events, obeying the rules.
2 .- To convey to the ADM, any error that can not be arranged within the game
3 .- Make SuperGM, GM follow the rules.

SuperGM rules:
1 .- Making the GMs fulfill their rules, are the principal managers of the GMs.
2 .- Make daily events, if for some reason is busy, ask for help from a GM.
3 .- To convey to the ADM, any error that can not be arranged within the game
4 .- Make GM meet its rules.

GM Rules:
1 .- Monitor the server, and keep it safe from hackers
2 .- Do Events Followed.
3 .- abide by all rules, in any case be removed from the staff.

User Rules:
1 .- Ks not give to any user under any circumstances, but may be penalized.
2 .- Do not use any type of Hack / Cheat, otherwise will be banned.
3 .- Do not insult any WMD, SuperGM or GM or be punished.
4 .- Do not insult Peer / Users, such reasons may be Banner.
5 .- No spamming of any kind Smeg, writing, etc can be be from 1 to 12 hour ban.
6 .- To enforce these rules, otherwise there may be sanctioned.[b]

@Staff GenMS

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PostSubject: Re: Rules Of MapleStar   Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:25 am

hmm ok
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Rules Of MapleStar
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